Single cPanel Account Backup Restore using SSH

You can backup a single cPanel account trough ssh using pkgacct cPanel script located at /scripts folder on your server. This tip is helpful for WebHosting companies that uses cPanel as Hosting control Panel


– Login to your cPanel server as root.


To backup a sigle account use the next commands:

# cd /scripts

# ./pkgacct username

These commands will crate a file named “cpmove-username.tar.gz” on /home directory. And this is the file you need to restore on this server latter or on other server.


How to restore cPanel sigle account on other server


You just need to upload “cpmove-username.tar.gz” to the server you want to restore it or you can do it in the first server if you want. To upload you can use ftp, rsync or scp.


Restoring cpmove-username.tar.gz:


– “cpmove-username.tar.gz” should be on /home directory


Run the next command:

# /scripts/restorepkg username


It will restore homedir, dbs, mail, all the old cPanel account.

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