WHM/cPanel files and scripts

Cpanel Files and Directories

* /etc/ips – IP addresses:
* /etc/reservedips – Reserved IPs:
* /etc/reservedipreasons – Reserved IP reasons:
*/etc/ipaddrpool – IP address pool:
* /home/user/.accesshash or /root/.accesshash – Access hash (WHM remote access key):
*/etc/cpupdate.conf – cPanel update preferences:
*/etc/wwwacct.conf – Basic cPanel/WHM setup:
*/etc/localaliases – System mail preferences:
*/etc/alwaysrelay – Exim open relay list:
* /etc/localdomains – exim related file – all domains should be listed here to be able to send mails
* /etc/remotedomains – List domains that have account on the server but send /receive mail through their own mail server.
* /etc/userdomains – Users and their domains:
*/etc/domainusers – Users and their main domains:
*/etc/trueuserdomains – Users and their main domains:
* /etc/trueuserowners – Users and their owners:
* /etc/domainips – Domains with dedicated IP address
* /etc/nameserverips – Name server IP’s
* /etc/valiases/domainname – catchall and forwarders are set here
* /var/cpanel/maxemailsperhour – Server-wide max emails per hour:
* /var/cpanel/cpanel.config – Tweak settings:
* /var/cpanel/packages/ – Packages:
* /var/cpanel/features/ – Features:
* /var/cpanel/users/ and /var/cpanel/userdata – User data:
*/var/cpanel/templates/apache(1,2) – Apache templates:
*/etc/exim.conf.localopts – Exim config template:
*/etc/mailips – Exim mail IPs:
*/etc/mail_reverse_dns – rDNS for mail ips:
* /var/cpanel/cluster/root/config – Clustering:
*/etc/chkserv.d – Service manager:
* /etc/cpupdate.conf – Update Config.
* /etc/cpbackup.conf – Configure Backup
* /var/cpanel/mainip – Main cPanel IP:
* /usr/local/cpanel/version – cPanel version:
* /var/cpanel/resellers – Resellers:
*/var/cpanel/resellers-nameservers – Reseller nameservers:

Cpanel Scipts:

When cPanel & WHM is installed, a number of predefined scripts become available in your server’s /usr/local/cpanel/scripts directory. You can use any of the scripts simply by typing its location in a terminal session.
Common scripts are :
/scripts/build_maxemails_config – Sets limits on the amount of email that users can send from domains on your server
/scripts/easyapache – Upgrades and reinstalls Apache.
/scripts/phpextensionmgr – Manages PHP extensions.
Update Scripts:
/scripts/*up – Updates a service. Cpanel currently provide the following update scripts for the services noted: We can replace * with the following services.
bandminup – Bandmin application.
courierup – Courier mail server.
cpaddonsup – cPanel’s addon scripts.
dovecotup – Dovecot mail server.
eximup – Exim mail exchanger.
ftpup – FTP servers (ProFTP and Pure-FTP).
imapup – IMAP mail server.
mysqlup – MySQL service.
nsdup – BIND nameserver.
phpup – Current version of PHP.
suphpup – SuPHP tool for handling PHP requests.
/scripts/upcp – Updates cPanel and WHM.
/scripts/updateuserdomains – Updates userdomain entries.
/scripts/portsup – Updates ports
/scripts/runweblogs – Updates statistics for a user.
/scripts/runstatsonce – Updates statistics for all users.
Restart Services:
/scripts/restartsrv_* – Cpanel currently provide restart scripts for the following services :
apache and httpd – Apache web server.
bind and named – BIND nameserver software.
chkservd and tailwatchd – cPanel’s TailWatch log processing service.
clamd – ClamAV anti-virus software.
courier – Courier mail server.
cpdavd – cPanel’s WebDAV server.
cppop – cPanel’s POP server.
dovecot – Dovecot mail server.
entropychat – Entropy chat client.
exim – Exim mail exchanger.
eximstats – Exim mail statistics tracker.
ftpserver – FTP server.
imap – IMAP server.
inetd – Super-server daemon for managing Internet services.
interchange – Interchange e-commerce software.
ipaliases – IP aliasing software.
mysql – MySQL database server.
nsd – Open-source NSD nameserver daemon.
postgresql – PostgreSQL database service.
proftpd – ProFTP server daemon.
pureftpd – Pure-FTP server daemon.
rsyslogd – Open-source log forwarder daemon.
spamd – Spam-deferral daemon.
sshd – Secure shell daemon.
syslogd – Log forwarder daemon.
tomcat – Apache Tomcat service.
xinetd – Open-source super-server daemon.
Scripts for managing accounts:
/scripts/addpop – Adds a POP account.
/scripts/delpop – Removes a POP account.
/scripts/wwwacct – Adds a cPanel account.
/scripts/killacct – Delete an account.
/scripts/killpkg – Removes a package.
/scripts/restorepkg – Restores a package.
/scripts/pkgacct – Handles cPanel packages.
/scripts/suspendacct – Suspends an account.
/scripts/unsuspendacct – Unsuspends an account.
/scripts/adddns – Adds a DNS zone of domain.
/scripts/killdns – Delete a DNS zone of a domain.
/scripts/cpbackup – Backs up all accounts.
/scripts/setupmailserver – Allows you to switch between mailservers.
/scripts/setupftpserver – Allows you to switch between FTP servers.
/scripts/setupnameserver – Allows switching between DNS servers.
Install Scripts :
/scripts/installzendopt – Install Zend Optimizer
/scripts/installgd – Builds GD.
/scripts/installimagemagick – Install imagemagick
/scripts/installrpm – Installs a rpm.
/scripts/installspam – Install SpamAssassin.
/scripts/installssl – Add a SSL vhost.
/scripts/killsslvhost – Removes a SSL entry for a virtual host.
Fixing scripts :
/scripts/fixndc – Fixing Hostname A Entry Missing issue. Then restart bind and apache
/scripts/cleanbw – Bandwidth issues
/scripts/fixwebalizer – To fix problem in webalizer that stop updating stats
/scripts/fixcommonproblems – Attempt to fix the most common problems.
/scripts/fixeverything – Fix common problems and quotas.
/scripts/fixetchosts – Fixes problems with /etc/hosts
/scripts/fixvaliases – Fix a broken valias file
/scripts/fixspamassassinfailedupdate – Reinstalls a failed spamassassin update.
/scripts/mailperm – Fix Various Mail Permission Problems
/scripts/mailtroubleshoot – Attempt to Troubleshoot a Mail Problem
Other Import Scripts :
/scripts/checkperlmodules – Contains a list of standard CPAN modules to install on cPanel servers. This script is used in conjunction with realperlinstaller. This script can be used with the following arguments:
–force : will reinstall everymodule regardless of whether or not it is working.
–full : will ensure that all modules are present as opposed to only checking for essential modules.
/scripts/realperlinstaller – A wrapper script that automates the installation of Perl CPAN modules.
/scripts/makecppphp – Re-installs cPanel’s internal PHP.
/scripts/check_users_my_cnf – Check user accounts for ~/.my.cnf files that do not work and disable them. This script only returns output when it detects a bad .my.cnf
/scripts/initquotas – Re-scan quotas. Usually fixes Disk space display problems
/scripts/initsuexec – Turn on SUEXEC
/scripts/mysqlpasswd – Change a Mysql Password



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