xm command line interface

Basic management options

  • use the xm list command to list active domains:
    $ xm list
    Name                                ID  Mem(MiB)   VCPUs      State      Time(s)
    Domain-0                            0     520       2         r-----     1275.5
    r5b2-mySQL01                       13     500       1         -b----       16.1
  • xm create [-c] DomainName/ID: start a virtual machine. If the -c option is used, the start up process will attach to the guest’s console.
  • xm console DomainName/ID: attach to a virtual machine’s console.
  • xm destroy DomainName/ID: terminate a virtual machine , similar to a power off.
  • xm reboot DomainName/ID: reboot a virtual machine, runs through the normal system shut down and start up process.
  • xm shutdown DomainName/ID: shut down a virtual machine, runs a normal system shut down procedure.
  • xm pause
  • xm unpause
  • xm save
  • xm restore
  • xm migrate

Monitoring and troubleshooting options

  • xm top
  • xm dmesg
  • xm info
  • xm log
  • use the xm uptime to display the uptime of guests and hosts:
    $ xm uptime
    Name                       ID  Uptime
    Domain-0                    0  3:42:18
    r5b2-mySQL01               13  0:06:27
  • xm sysrq
  • xm dump-core
  • xm rename
  • xm domid
  • xm domname

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